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Greater Opportunities for the Developmentally Disabled is a private, non-profit 501(C)(3) organization founded in 1983 by parents of daughters and sons with developmental disabilities to provide independent living support services, including Supported Living, Independent Living, Transitional Housing, and Day Program services. Starting with 20 consumers, Greater Opportunities today serves over 125 individuals and their families. Check us out on Facebook.

Our Theory of Change

The mission of Greater Opportunities is to empower persons with developmental disabilities to achieve greater self-sufficiency and lead richer lives. We help individuals to reach their potential for independence through implementing this theory of change.

IF caring, compassionate staff support adults with disabilities by…

  • Teaching them skills of independent living;
  • Providing them tailored direct assistance when they cannot be fully independent; and
  • Engaging them socially in the community and with one another;

THEN these individuals will…

  • Grow their self-sufficiency;
  • Expand their skills and confidence to live independently; and
  • Lead more enriched lives with expanded interests, life purpose, healthy habits, and a sense of belonging.

Make a Gift of Opportunity Today!

Putting Your Money to Work Helping People with Disabilities: Donors want maximum impact in return for their generosity. We will use your support cost-effectively. Fully 88% of our budget goes directly to program services – only 12% is spent on administration and fundraising. So, your tax-deductible gift goes right to work helping someone with a disability have a better life.

Make a Gift of Opportunity

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