Idania Otero

Idania Otero

Idania Otero

ILS Assistant Coordinator

Idania says: “I truly love working for Greater Opportunities. My role allows me to truly be of service to others.  I find so much pleasure and self-fulfillment knowing that everyday I get to inspire and impact the lives of others in such wonderful ways.”

She is the mother to a child on the spectrum. She says: “It is through my son that I have learned compassion, love, understanding and patience. I love helping people. It’s amazing what we can learn if we just step outside of our comfort zone and be of service to others.  Life is not about what we have, but what we are capable of giving.”

Idania has a Bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications and presentations and a career as an artist, toy designer and illustrator. She was the first female to play football at her high school. She is multilingual, speaks three languages and is currently studying Japanese and sign language. She is currently attending training to become a firefighter.

She loves Star Wars and owns a full Stormtrooper armor. She enjoys trooping with the Vader’s 501st to visit children at hospitals and read books to them, as well as participate in various charity events.

During her free time (when does she have free time?), Idania enjoys motorcycle riding, hiking, volunteering, spending time with her son and dogs, and of course, watching Star Wars movies.

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