Anthony Rowe

Extremely intelligent and with an extensive knowledge of the different aspects of non-profit management, Anthony is a longstanding advocate for adults with developmental disabilities. He is friendly and personable, and enjoys speaking openly about his work as Director of Operations at Greater opportunities, where he is committed to supporting and improving the lives of adults with developmental disabilities.

Anthony started with Greater Opportunities in 2012, and says he has had a wonderful experience since he joined the organization. Before working with Greater Opportunities, he was the day program manager for six years for a different Bay Area non-profit. He graduated from California State University San Francisco with a degree in Psychology. After he graduated college, he says he worked with many different populations until he discovered the world of adults with developmental disabilities.

He always knew he wanted a career working with people where he could make a difference in people’s lives, and the work he’s doing now allows him to do just that. What Anthony loves about Greater Opportunities is the unparalleled level of genuine care his staff demonstrates, “What sets Greater Opportunities apart from other places I’ve seen is the genuine care that the staff and personnel have for our clients, and vice versa. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been places where the staff obviously cared about their clients, but the extent to which it is exhibited here blows me away.” The bonds made between clients and staff members are strong, and staff members often become a part of the client’s community outside of Greater Opportunities.

One of his long-term goals for Greater opportunities is to provide more expansive experiences for the clients. With respect to the Day Program, he would like to obtain more materials specifically geared towards those with developmental disabilities, and especially for people with autism. He’d like to have more ways to allow clients to access the community and provide experiences for people that would help them grow, “The opportunities for the people we serve to touch the community, and the world in general, happen through this program. To the people we serve, this is the end of the line, which is why what we do and the things we provide are so important.”

Anthony says the level of dedication his staff demonstrates inspires him to work hard to achieve the organization’s goals to help adults with developmental disabilities achieve new levels of independence. He says he is proud to say that at Greater Opportunities, it’s the services and needs of the people that drive the organization.

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