Success Stories


Alysun has a rich and varied life, and Greater Opportunities gives her the support she needs to meet her goals and maintain her independence.

Bob and Theresa

Theresa reiterates her love for her job, and that she’s deeply invested in what she does, “People with disabilities deserve to live like everyone else. They should have everything they need, and have the freedom and skills to achieve their goals, and that’s where Greater Opportunities comes in.”

Brandon and Barbara

“I want to see everyone do well and succeed at whatever they want to do.” An attentive teacher, Brandon works closely with each person to discover their passions and helps them develop their talents.

Carolyn and Iris

Iris has been working at Greater Opportunities with Supported Living Services for only a year, but already feels that she’s found her calling as a caregiver for people with developmental disabilities.

Photo of Janice at Greater Opportunities

Eduardo and Janice

Both Janice and Eduardo say the staff at Greater Opportunities all work harmoniously to achieve the common goal of creating better lives for people with developmental disabilities. “Greater Opportunities is a beautiful group of people, and I’m able to live a beautiful life because of them.”

Greater Opportunities Group Photo with Eric and Ezikiel and Syryeem

Eric and Ezekiel

Eric says he loves meeting new people and has become friends with many staff members and other participants at the Day Program, “I’ve bonded with all the staff members at the Day Program. I just like hanging out with everyone, and have made so many good friends. I’m happy that I have people to hangout with on the weekends!”

Photo of Greater Opportunities Jinki


“Jinki is always laughing joyfully. He’s multi-talented, too. He knows how to hip-hop dance moves, and can say “thank-you” in five different languages.”

Photo of Greater Opportunities Leo


“Everyone should come to Cortez; they will love it. You’ll learn how to cook, you’ll learn about safety, and how to keep your apartment clean. You will have someone to talk to, to comfort you, and if you’re sad there’s always someone there.”

Photo of Yesinia-Short at Greater Opportunities
Photo of Margie at Greater Opportunities

Margie and Yesinia-Short

Margie says SLS is a great program because of the independent living skills she’s learned, and she’s grateful everyday because Yesinia is there for her and her daughter.

Debbie and Filomena

Debbie is a star athlete. She’s proud of her ambition, and says that Greater Opportunities’ Supported Living Services makes it possible for her to achieve her goals.

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