Eduardo and Janice


When Janice was 11, she was in a serious bicycle accident that required multiple invasive surgeries. She suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the accident, and says it’s a miracle she is alive today. When she lost her ability to drive because of problems with her peripheral vision, she initially reached out to Greater Opportunities to help her get around town. A year later when she needed to find a new home, she joined the Supported Living Services program, and was paired with her roommate, Eduardo, and since then she has had a safe, stable home.

Eduardo helps Janice with whatever she needs: laundry, dishes, budgeting and finance management, and computer maintenance to name a few. Janice says she’s lucky to have Eduardo as her roommate because he is very kind and is good at his job, “His whole heart is with you as his client. He’ll do anything for you.” She appreciates the way he puts other people before himself, and says that’s part of what makes him such a good caregiver. She says she and Eduardo are good friends and enjoy spending time together at home and around town.

Eduardo has been part of the Greater Opportunities Staff for ten years, and has worked with the Day Program, Independent Living Services, and now Supportive Living Services. Giving back to the community and helping those in need is his passion, and he’s grateful to work for a great organization like Greater Opportunities because he gets to meet so many incredible people. He’s multi-talented, and shares his skills generously with the people he works with. He organizes the golf team, which for the past six years has participated in the Special Olympics. A talented dancer and singer, he teaches clients musical skills, and loves listening to Janice play the piano. Fishing, kite flying, and hiking are some of his other passions, and he loves taking clients on trips to the beach and the redwoods.

Both Janice and Eduardo say the staff at Greater Opportunities all work harmoniously to achieve the common goal of creating better lives for people with developmental disabilities. Janice says her life would be hard without Eduardo. Eduardo makes sure Janice is safe and happy, helps her maintain a household, and makes sure all of her needs and desires are met. She says she’s completely satisfied with the care she receives from Supported Living Services, and that, “Greater Opportunities is a beautiful group of people, and I’m able to live a beautiful life because of them.”

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