Filomena and Debbie

Debbie is a star athlete. She plays golf in the Special Olympics, is part of a bowling league, and is considering joining a baseball league. She’s proud of her ambition, and says that Greater Opportunities’ Supported Living Services makes it possible for her to achieve her goals.

A native Californian, Debbie has a developmental disability that inhibits her cognitive functions and makes it difficult for her to listen and communicate. But she has lived on her own for many years now. She has a long-term boyfriend, whom she met while volunteering at a local church. She has a job at BJ’s, which she loves, and she is always enthusiastic about filling in for people when needed. Before she got her job at BJ’s she worked at a coffee shop, which she enjoyed, but she likes working at BJ’s better because she gets to work with her friends from the Greater Opportunities’ Day Program. She’s a hard worker and she’s proud of her ability to make her own money. The support she receives from her caregiver, Filomena, allows her to design and live her life on her own terms.

Debbie met Filomena in 2007, and they work together a few times a week to manage Debbie’s finances, shop for groceries, do laundry, and keep her house clean and tidy. Filomena also helps Debbie keep track of doctor’s appointments, her medication, and her work schedule. Debbie is mostly independent, but Filomena is there to fill in any gaps and make sure she’s happy and healthy. In addition, Debbie loves to cook, and Filomena helps Debbie improve her cooking skills and teaches her new recipes.

On a typical weekday, Debbie and Filomena either run errands or Filomena takes Debbie to the Day Program. Debbie has lots of friends at the Day Program and is always excited to see everyone in the morning. Because Debbie likes being active, at the Day Program she likes playing sports with other participants and going on volunteer trips with her friends to the local church. She likes volunteering because it gives her a chance to think about others.

Debbie has a life full of many hobbies, activities, and skills, and she’s grateful that Filomena helps make it all possible. She says Greater Opportunities’ Supported Living Services program has helped develop her independent living skills. From her athletic endeavors to her work and personal life, Filomena and Greater Opportunities are there to give the extra support that enables Debbie to design her life just the way she likes it.

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