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Meet Our New Board Members

We are working to expand and strengthen our Board of Directors. Five new members joined the Board over the past year, deepening our leadership bench with varied talents, backgrounds, and interests. Our Board includes a CPA, two MBA’s, three attorneys, and two health...

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2016 Annual Campaign Donations

Forty-one generous donors contributed to our annual campaign, raising $9,248 to help support job development and placement services for people with developmental disabilities. We are looking forward to creating many new full-wage, competitive job opportunities for our...

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Your Gift Will Uplift Lives 2016

You Can Help a Person with a Developmental Disability To Live with Dignity, Acceptance, Fulfillment and Independence Together with Greater Opportunities, you can help create full inclusion and acceptance in the community for people like my sister Carla who have...

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Help Us Replace Our Stolen Van

The image above is not of the actual robbery in progress. It is dismaying that anybody would stoop so low as to knowingly steal from a community-based, nonprofit organization serving people with developmental disabilities. Alas... we've been robbed several times...

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Chris and the Day Program

We are delighted to have a new consumer at our day program. His name is Chris, and he has wonderful and loving parents who are patient and kind. They are also committed to doing what is best for their son, even though many “experts” have told them to give up. Chris is...

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Your Gift Will Uplift Lives

You Can Make A Difference in Someone’s Life! People with developmental disabilities want to live with dignity and independence as active, productive persons included in the community.   Andrew is grateful for all the friends he’s met. Before moving into...

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Summertime Fun and Fellowship at Greater Opportunities

Consumers, staff and family members joined in the fun and games at Greater Opportunities Annual Barbecue in Central Park, Santa Clara. Everyone enjoyed the perfect summer weather, delicious food prepared by staff, and festivities including an egg race, a three-legged...

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Give a Gift of Opportunity This Holiday Season

People with developmental disabilities – and the programs that serve them - are struggling to survive in Silicon Valley. Generous support from donors like you is critical to meeting the needs of our consumers. Our consumers’ average SSI payment is a mere $830 per...

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