Filomena brings many unique and varied qualities to Greater Opportunities where she has worked since 2007. Born in Angola, Filomena speaks Portugese, Spanish and English. She recollects how her family needed to keep a fire burning to discourage lions, tigers, leopards and hyenas from approaching the homestead.

In 1976, they fled political violence leaving behind all their property and possessions, and ultimately arrived in the U. S. to start a new life. While growing up, Filomena was very close with a cousin who had severe developmental disabilities. She greatly enjoys her work supporting our consumers. She smiles and says, “If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Filomena is a gourmet cook who often prepares elaborate feasts to share at Greater Opportunities events. At our recent summer camp, Filomena and her helpers grilled delicious pork ribs and chicken flavored with her secret spices, and cooked “caldeirada de linguisa” – a Portugese stew with rice, vegetables and sausage that is not often prepared over a camp stove!

Filomena works in our Day Program and also provides in-home training in Independent Living Skills. She has opened her home where she lives with her two sons to provide Supported Living Services to a consumer who could no longer afford their housing. She’s not afraid to drive our big van on a daily basis to bring consumers to volunteer work sites and to activities such as tennis class. Filomena is a leadership role model and can-do person who always offers to help in any way she can. She is remarkably generous, selfless, amiable, sincere and warm-hearted. We are very happy to have Filomena on our team at Greater Opportunities!

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