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Greater Opportunities provides care to those who are overlooked, underserved and, in many cases, forgotten by our community. We are dedicated to the people who are locked-in, isolated and unable to function well in a world that is tailored for people without disabilities. It takes talented and special people to dedicate their lives to care for people who could otherwise easily become invisible. Our caregivers provide a sense of connection, safety, and friendship, and work hard to listen to and be present with each client – something many of our clients rarely experience outside of Greater Opportunities.

Our programs are critical to the lives and wellbeing of the people we serve, but as government funding decreases, programs such as Greater Opportunities are struggling to provide the necessary level of services in Silicon Valley. Almost all of our clients live below the poverty line and depend on us for many different services. When you invest in our work at Greater Opportunities, you provide support to the people who need it most. Your gift ensures that people who might otherwise be invisible in our community live with dignity, friendship, family-like care, independence, and live their lives to their fullest potential in a community where they are valued.

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