Day Program Services

Provides Facility-based and community-based instruction and supervision to individuals and groups that is tailored to the needs, strengths, interests, and preferences of participants, in order to further their independence through the development of occupational and self-care skills, and enrich their lives through community integration and self-advocacy. Assigned activities support adult development needs and skills such as using the computer and internet, travel training, cooking and nutrition, growing vegetables, creative expression through music, dance, arts, crafts and photography; social recreational and physical fitness activities such as exercise, golf, swimming, and bowling; and use of community resources such as the Library, Parks, and Recreation centers.

With the Day Services program at Greater Opportunities, clients have a safe and caring place to spend the days and, express their creativity through art and music, learn new skills, and meet new people. We offer a variety of activities, classes, and programs through which our clients learn the skills they need for independent living. Our caregivers’ ability to give their undivided attention to each client helps the people we serve thrive and learn to the best of their abilities.
Many members of our Greater Opportunities team who work and volunteer with clients at the Day Program are cooks, artists, athletes, and musicians who are passionate about sharing their skills. Our team shares their skills and talents and encourages each client’s individual gifts to blossom. The Day Program encourages experimentation and openness in a safe setting, so that clients learn self-discipline, self-care, self-advocacy, and develop their mobility and motor skills.
In addition to activities held at the Day Program in San Jose, we also take clients on volunteer trips. Clients love being able to help others, give back to the community, and implement their new skills in real world settings.
At our Day Program, adults living with developmental disabilities come together to learn, connect, and build lasting friendships. The Day Program is a fun way for people to meet new friends while learning new skills in multiple subjects including cooking, arts and crafts, exercise routines, American Sign Language, music, sports and computer literacy. We foster a community of long-lasting friendship, support, and care and provide the skills and know-how for people to live as independently as possible. Even if they’re not able to achieve full independence, participants in our program learn skills that will help them be as independent as possible in their own lives.
Greater Opportunities is vendored by the San Andreas Regional Center to provide Adult Development Center services and Activity Center services. Both services ensure community access.
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