Community is important to us at Greater Opportunities, and giving back to our community through volunteer work is a regular part of our Day Program. When one of our staff members suggested that we start volunteering with his local church, we thought it would be a great new opportunity to explore. Little did we know how mutually beneficial that decision would be!

About three months ago, we sent two groups of volunteers to Cathedral of Faith Church in San Jose to help out working in the food pantry. We enjoyed it so much that we now volunteer with the church every Tuesday! We help bag various food products like canned goods, fruits, vegetables and breads for families in need. We have a great time helping this organization, and while we are doing good for our community, our consumers are also being given the opportunity to develop work skills in an integrated community setting and get to have fun working together as a team.

Along with the feeling of pride that comes from helping others, our consumers also benefit from the generosity of this organization. All volunteers who help out at Cathedral of Faith are given a special card and are eligible to receive one bag of groceries a month. Many of our consumers live on a very limited budget, and this extra help every month goes a long way.

We thank Cathedral of Faith not only for the opportunity to do good in our community, but for the help that we receive back!

Greater Opportunities with Cathedral of Faith

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