The image above is not of the actual robbery in progress.

It is dismaying that anybody would stoop so low as to knowingly steal from a community-based, nonprofit organization serving people with developmental disabilities.

Alas… we’ve been robbed several times recently and must raise funds to cover the costs.

Two weeks ago, one of our three wheelchair passenger vans was stolen from the parking lot at our Day Program in San Jose (a 2006 Dodge Caravan, as shown in the photo). According to police, the thieves likely chopped it for “parts”, as our company signage is prominently painted on the van. This van was used on a daily basis to transport participants from home to work sites and to community sites throughout Day Program hours. Fortunately, we have insurance to pay part of the replacement cost, but it will still cost us many thousands of dollars to get a new van.

Photo of Stolen Grey Van

Photo of Stolen Grey Van – 2006 Dodge Caravan

A month ago, thieves stole a side view mirror from one of the other vans. (That’s right: a mirror!) And before that, thieves crawled under the third van, severed the gas filler hose and siphoned out the gasoline into a gas can. (Really? Gasoline is really cheap today!) We then spent hundreds of dollars per vehicle to custom fabricate and install steel reinforcement around the gas filler hoses.

We have video of the thefts recorded by our outdoor security camera. Unfortunately the resolution is not clear enough that the individual perpetrators can be identified. A higher resolution security camera system would be very expensive. We have now retrofitted our remaining two wheelchair vans with security alarm systems and steering wheel clubs. Hopefully that will help.

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We thank you for supporting services for people with developmental disabilities.

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