Andrew, Debbie and Phillip started working in February 2014 one day per week for BJ’s Restaurant and Brew House in San Jose. The Regional Manager has a family member with developmental disabilities and believed that the folks from GO could make a great addition to the BJ’s team. GO consumers Andrew, Debbie and Phillip then went through the online Basic Food Handler’s Course and all achieved their Certificate of Completion through eFoodHandlers.

Cynthia Plascencia, the Manager at BJ’s, states, “We love working with Andrew, Debbie and Phillip because they follow instructions well and do a great job.” Because of their performance, their hours were increased to two days a week. They spend their time rolling silverware for the restaurant, and generally roll around 1000 sets during their shift!

Akhom Kham is the job coach for our BJ’s trio. Every Tuesday and Thursday, he leaves his house at 6:30 AM to pick up the crew for their 8:30 AM start time at work. Akhom is on hand during their shift to provide support, help them to stay on task, and to help them learn about the responsibility that comes with having a job. Andrew, Debbie and Phillip all agree that they love working hard and getting a paycheck for their good work.

Greater Opportunities commends BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse for their willingness to work with us and employ our consumers. Andrew, Debbie and Phillip get so much more than just a paycheck for their work: they get a sense of responsibility, of purpose, and the satisfaction of a job well done. The money that they earn goes back into our economy. BJ’s has created a win for everyone. Thank you, BJ’s, for seeing the ability, not the disability, in people!

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