You Can Make A Difference in Someone’s Life!

People with developmental disabilities want to live with dignity and independence as active, productive persons included in the community.


Greater Opportunities AndrewAndrew is grateful for all the friends he’s met. Before moving into the Cortez Apartments, he lived in an unsafe environment – he had many of his things stolen and his roommates were unpleasant. Looking back on how much his life has improved, he says he doesn’t know what he would do without Greater Opportunities.
Greater Opportunities MargieWhen Margie’s husband passed away she slipped into a deep depression, and she and her daughter struggled to survive. Margie didn’t know how to manage her money and she was going to the hospital once or twice a week because she suffered from severe asthma attacks. Now Margie and her daughter are thriving, and are thankful for everything Greater Opportunities has done for them.


Together with Greater Opportunities, you can help people with developmental disabilities to…

  • Grow their self-sufficiency
  • Expand their skills and confidence to live independently; and
  • Lead more enriched lives with expanded interests, life purpose, healthy habits, and a sense of belonging


Margie and Andrew exemplify the hopes and dreams of all the individuals we serve at Greater Opportunities. Everybody knows a family member, friend or neighbor like Margie and Andrew, who has a developmental disability with a diagnosis such as autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or mental retardation that can impair activities of daily living.

margie-greater-opportunities-servicesMeeting people at the Day Program and learning how to be independent with the help of Supported Living Services (SLS) have turned Margie’s life around. At the Day Program, Margie likes to play the piano, immerse herself in art projects, and attend her favorite class, computer literacy. She also enjoys volunteering at Goodwill, the local library, and the food pantry program at Cathedral of Faith. Margie says SLS is a great program because of how much she’s learned about being independent. Now she is happy and proud of everything she has accomplished.




Andrew says he’s learning a lot about all the different aspects of living independently. He’s proud of his ability to keep his house spotless, and enjoys maintaining the yard with the other residents. Here he makes delicious lasagna to share with others in the Cortez classroom kitchen!


Andrew likes going on trips with Cortez Apartments staff and his fellow residents because it gives him a chance to get out and explore the community while bonding with his friends.


Andrew the Artist

Andrew is enjoying his newfound success as an artist. Here, he’s working on a picture in the Greater Opportunities art studio during the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser on September 18. Inspired by his talent, customers are now commissioning Andrew to create custom-designed works of art! He loves earning money from his art.





You can help make the hopes and dreams of people with developmental disabilities a reality. Your contribution will enable Greater Opportunities to create their unique pathway to success. Make a significant gift of opportunity – $50, $100, or more – whatever you can afford to share during this holiday season.

Your investment in Greater Opportunities will fund individual pathways to success…

  • train folks in skills of independent living, like cooking, shopping and money management, communication skills, sexuality, health and safety
  • support consumers to live safely in their homes
  • create affordable housing with onsite classroom training at our Cortez apartments
  • foster community integration through paid and volunteer work, and cultural and recreational activities
  • build friendships, individual confidence and life competencies at the Adult Development and Activity Center
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